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Helping clients improve quality, efficiency and reliability with corporate training is what we offer at Data Analysis & Training Authority. Every class is designed to maximize the skills taught, and is updated to include the most recent innovations in the industry.

Read what clients have to say about our sessions. DATA clients agree, we are the best in the business!


"I never loved Statistics as much as I do now after taking Karen’s classes. It is a big help with my work and how I think about my results.  She is truly a great teacher."

- PhD, Scientist II | Becton | Dickinson Diagnostics


"Lou and Jim were on-site at Cubist and did a fantastic job.  Despite some disorganization on our part and a wide range of questions, they handled it all beautifully and were able to address both highly technical issues and basic questions.  Without a doubt, our work has significantly benefitted from our use of DOE and statistical analysis. “

- David Waller, PhD | Manufacturing Process Development | Cubist Pharmaceuticals


"As a Manager in Florida Power and Light's Operational Excellence department, I've had the pleasure to work with Jim on several occasions since 2010. Jim is a great professional with outstanding instructor skills and a keen understanding of complex problem situations and how to distill them into simple terms for others. He is a brilliant statistician with superb knowledge of statistical analysis to drive business results. He is dedicated, empathetic and easy to work with, a great addition to any organization. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

- Marcos M, Manager | Operational Excellence | Florida Power and Light


"I have used DATA training throughout my career as a product and process development engineer. I have also trained with DATA materials at other companies. Training participants have always rated the course content, flow and pace as Excellent or above ? ! I highly recommend the consultants and training at DATA to solve your process engineering and product development problems."

- Marty S | Former Engineering Research Associate | Bose Corporation


"Lou worked tirelessly to assure our objectives were addressed and our questions  were answered. He continually maintained everyone's interest, solicited our participation and constantly kept us engaged. Perhaps most important of all, we were able to take what he presented and apply it the very next day."

- Jerome S | Master Black Belt | LORD Corporation


"Ford Motor Company has always embraced the power of providing our decision- makers with the best tools to use data to make reliable engineering and business decisions. For years, Karen has supported us in this effort and she has done an outstanding job.  Decades ago, I immediately identified her passion for her work and patience with training participants of all levels of experience, as well as her knowledge of the application of statistics to problem solving.   She gets my highest recommendation."

- Emerson B | Design Engineer | Ford Motor Company

Penn State

"Nanotechnology will play a key role in the bioengineering advances of the future. DATA‘s  training program provides a comprehensive review of the experiment design and analysis methodology needed for researchers to turn their theories into reality. I highly recommend DATA and their consultants."

- Robert E | Managing Director | PSU Center for Nanotechnology


“Statistical problem-solving does not always behave as nicely as textbooks present. I have been fortunate to have had Jim consult with me on projects where problems with assumptions and methodologies came up. His guidance proved invaluable and gave me confidence in my evaluations.”

- Joe F | Special Projects | INX International


“Three key attributes make Lou stand out as an excellent instructor. He frequently cross-references past exercises, examples, and concepts throughout the training so that you can realistically retain the majority of the content. Minitab has an excellent help menu and he presented its utility for answering questions. Lou was able to hold our attention for 6-8 hours each day! Because of our training with Lou the whole company will benefit."

- Filiz T | Director, Process Engineering and R&D | NuSil Technology LLC


"I participated in the data utilization certification program led by Lou at the Display Glass division of Corning, Inc. The skills I learned have been used time and time again in my many roles at Corning. They are universal for any job description and I have yet to find a better instructor than Lou. Certification in Data Analasis is key to any engineer's career. “

- Nebl Orkan | Sr. Forming Engineering Associate | Corning, Inc