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Be ready to apply the data analysis skills you learned in the classroom to problem solving on the production floor, at your desk and in the laboratory. We listened to engineers, department heads and training coordinators, who articulated the skills their staff needs to be successful. Based on their feedback, DATA developed a certification program that documents your learning and application of those skills.

About Our Program

Our program provides engineers, technicians and scientists the opportunity to learn the skills needed to contribute to their company's bottom line and advance their careers. Certification assures your current and potential employers that you have the skills you need.

Industrial Data Analyst Certification Requirements

You must complete three steps to become a Certified Industrial DATA Analyst.

  • Complete DATA’s 5-Day Industrial Data Analyst training program.
  • Demonstrate 4 months data analysis experience with documentation approved by your DATA trainer.
  • Score at least 80% on DATA’s Industrial DATA Analyst exam.
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“I participated in the data utilization certification program led by Lou at the Display Glass division of Corning, Inc.  The skills I learned have been used time and time again in my many roles at Corning.  They are universal for any job description and I have yet to find a better instructor than Lou.  Certification in Data Analysis is key to any engineer’s career. 

Nebil Orkan | Sr. Forming Engineering Associate | Corning, Inc